Why Not Filing ITR Can Be Costly For You

If you are thinking of not filing ITR (Income Tax Return) then better think again! Such kind of decisions can create lot of troubles for you in the long-run. And in case you own house, car etc then you could be under scrutiny of the Income Tax Department. As per the latest updates, IT Department is compiling a list of all those individuals who are leading luxurious lives & still not filing ITR.

Individuals not filing ITR will receive notices from the department asking their sources of income & reasons for non filing. Also various penalties, late filing fees, interest & even imprisonment can be imposed on such people.

To increase awareness among-st people like you & me, we bring some special circumstances where not filing ITR will get you into trouble.


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Have you purchased or sold a house recently?

If you have purchased/ sold house & have not filed (ITR) then be prepared to receive income tax notice. The registrar of property is required to provide details of all purchase/ sale of homes if the value exceeds ?30 Lac.

Therefore, if you have undertaken any such transaction during the year then not filing ITR can bring a tax notice. The department will ask you the source of income using which the transaction was undertaken. And also the reasons of not filing ITR (Income Tax Return).

Do you own a car?

Every year the income tax department compiles a list of numbers of cars sold, who purchased & have all filed ITR?. Therefore, if you have purchased a car this year & not filed income tax return then notice can be sent to you.

Have you purchased share/ mutual fund of more than ?10 Lacs?

You may love investing & playing in share markets but it is advisable to tread with caution. If during FY 2017-18 you have purchased shares/ MFs of more than ?10 Lacs. Then the department has all details about this transaction.

Hence, if you havent filed your ITR then a notice will be sent asking the source of income for purchasing shares/MFs.

Do you own land?

Wealth tax may no longer exists but that doesnt mean one can easily hide his/ her wealth. If you own a land & not filing ITR then you can come under the scrutiny of department.

These are some most popular reasons why not filing ITR can get you in trouble. As people are unaware of the ways the income tax department operate therefore fall prey to scrutinies.

Now, as we Indians are famous for weighing the pros & cons of everything. We give you 3 reason, why you should file ITR on time.

Reason 1: Late Fee u/s 234F

From FY 2017-18, new Sec 234F is becoming applicable. As per this section late filing fee up to ?10,000 will be levied if ITR is filed post 31st July. Refer our guide for detailed discussion.

Reason 2: Penalty u/s 270A

Sec 270A of the Income Tax Act provides for penalty on under-reporting & mis-reporting of income. The penalty varies from 50% to 200% of the income tax payable. Visit our blog to know more.

Reason 3: Your Past Records Can Come Under Scrutiny

If your income tax return is taken up for scrutiny because of not filing ITR. Then chances are that your previous year ITRs can be taken up for scrutiny. This can make you liable to pay tax as well interest & penalties on any income belonging to the previous year which was not reported.

To Conclude

Looking at the various policies introduced by the government. It can be easily concluded that very strict steps are taken against non-compliance of income tax laws.

Hence, we highly recommend you to please do not make a mistake of not filing ITR. As we told above, such decisions will bring lot of troubles for you.

If you need any kind of expert assistance for filing ITR, get in touch with our eCAs. The industrys best tax experts are hired to serve you 24×7.

Happy Filing 🙂

4 responses to “Why Not Filing ITR Can Be Costly For You”

  1. Hi
    My wife have received IT compliance for non filing of IT returns in Mar’18 ( NMS – FY2016-17), referring 26AS for FD interests – 19 lacs FD value. ( Also she received ‘Investment (NIN03)’ compliance for MF investment of X lacs, which I will mention my PAN number as source, anyway )

    After a discussion with a buddy CA, we have listed the possible options to fill in compliance portal against the verification id. Please verify the planned response and correct, if required.

    Part A. 9.8 lacs, bought as cash from her dad/mom for those 7 yrs of married life ( 2009 to 2016 ) for household expenses. The expenses amount was compensated by her hubby, by transferring amount to her on various dates 2015-2016, which she used to start FD of 9 lacs on Apr’16.

    Part B. She sold her excess 40 sovereign jewels to hubby for 10.10 lacs, which is paid to her in various dates in 2015-2016. The amount received was invested as FD for 10 lacs on Mar’16

    Can you people, verify these and update me right proceedings.


    • Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for writing us. We appreciate your query.

      We have gone through your query but before forming any opinion on the subject matter it would be better if our CA team can connect with you over telecon to understand the facts of the case more clearly. Please share your contact number on support@tax2win.in so that we can analyse the case an expert opinion can be provided to you.

      For customized opinion and safe tax planning, you can connect with us at support@tax2win.in or at +09660996655.

  2. Yes. My contact: sunilg.invest@gmail.com

    Notice Received:
    “The Income tax Department has received information on financial transactions/activities relating to AWUPNXXXXH (ANNAMALAI NANDHINI) for Financial Year 2016-17. As per records, you do not appear to have filed Income Tax Return for Assessment Year 2017-18 (relating to FY 2016-17).”

    Compliance Details:

    Verification ID 111709573715.002
    Verification Issue Other Source Income (NOS01)
    Information Code TDS-194A
    Information Description TDS Statement – Interest other than “Interest on securities” (Section 194A)
    Information Source RBL BANK LIMITED (Filer TAN: KLPT01797F)
    Information Value(Rupees Symbol) 1,27,775

    Is this notice for Source of Income or Reason for Not Filing

    • Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for writing us. We appreciate your query.

      Yes, the above-shared case relates to notice for non-filing of the return. Appropriate compliance needs to be submitted as per the facts of the case. For customized opinion and safe tax planning, you can connect with us at support@tax2win.in or at +09660996655.

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