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(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

With the advent of new technologies and electronic media, everything is getting upgraded to meet the requirement of technology-driven generation. As a result, the processes like filing returns, paying taxes is also getting updated. Same initiatives have also been undertaken by the Income Tax Department in the year 2004. The introduction of Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS) for Direct Taxes was done as an outcome. This system was introduced to reduce human intervention in the process and reducing errors. The system also facilitates its user to ascertain the status of their request in real time. Users can select from various options or forms available as per their requirement. One of the forms available on the OLTAS is TDS Challan ITNS 281.

What is TDS challan 281?

Challan ITNS 281 is used to deposit the

  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), and
  • Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

by the corporate or non-corporate assessee with the department.

How can I submit ITNS challan 281?

To file the challan with Income Tax department assessee can use any of the following modes:

  • Offline mode
  • Online mode

Now let’s discuss the process involved in these modes.

Offline mode to submit Challan 281

To fill and submit TDS ITNS challan 281 you should follow the step by step process explained beneath:

  • Deductors are required to select and fill the applicable challan i.e. challan number 281 with all the required information.
  • Present the Challan to the bank along with the counterfoil of challan and the amount required to be paid.

The Counterfoil is important as it will act as a proof of acceptance of challan and payment once it has been stamped by the bank. This counterfoil can be used for any future course of action required.

Online Process to submit Challan 281

To make the process less cumbersome and easy for the user or taxpayers, the government has introduced the facility of depositing the taxes online. The online system is used to make the payment of TDS challan at the convenience of the taxpayers.

To know how to successfully submit Challan 281 at the ease of your office or home read below the complete process:

  • A page as shown in the image below will open up

  • Select the CHALLAN NO./ITNS 281 and click on proceed. Next, wait for the form to open up. The challan form 281 once opened will resemble to the screen shown below

  • Now the requisite details are required to be filled in the form as under
Details shown in Challan 281Information to be selected /filled
Select the type of deductees from code:(0020) Company deductee(0021) for Non-Company deductee
Select the type of TDS payment (200) TDS payable by the taxpayer (400) TDS under regular assessment
Select the mode of  paymentNet banking or debit card
Tax Deduction Account NumberMention the 10 digit Tax Deduction Account Number
Assessment YearSelect the relevant Assessment Year from the drop-down list
Personal InformationType the details like address, Email ID, Mobile No. as required
Captcha CodeType the captcha code given in the image

  • Further, Click on the Proceed button to continue with the payment process and

You can also check the status of challan online. To do the same follow the under mentioned steps:

  • Select the types of views for Taxpayers. OLTAS gives you an option for

CIN based view

TAN based view

CIN Based View

For CIN based view, enter the following details mentioned in the challan:

  • BSR Code of Collecting Branch,
  • Challan Tender Date (Cash/Cheque Deposit Date)
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Amount (optional),

The taxpayer can view the following details after submitting the form:

  • BSR Code
  • Date of Deposit
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Major Head Code with a description
  • Name of Tax Payer
  • Received by TIN on (i.e., date of receipt by TIN)
  • Confirmation about the amount entered is correct or not (if the amount is entered)

TAN Based View

For TAN based view, enter the following details mentioned in the challan:

  • Provide TAN
  • Challan Tender Date from the range for a particular financial year,

The taxpayer can view the following information:

  • CIN
  • Major Head Code with a description
  • Minor Head Code
  • Nature of Payment

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