How to become a seller on Snapdeal – Registration, Login, Benefits etc

register as seller on snapdeal

Snapdeal, started by Delhi based duo, Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal in 2010 provides a stellar opportunity to people who want to start their businesses at a low cost. It is ranked amongst the top e-commerce sites of India where the number of buyers and sellers keep growing with every passing day.

Why Snapdeal is a popular hub for sellers?

Snapdeal is a popular option amongst sellers across the country. It comes with several benefits like no setting cost, seller friendly policies, low sales commissions, and various cataloging and marketing features.

  • Offers easy loans

Snapdeal provides easy funding to help your business grow without any guarantors or collateral.

  • Analytics to help you achieve business growth.

Through the Snapdeal inbuilt system, it calculates and identifies the trends for business. This helps them to stay in the competition and gain knowledge about the current scenario. This knowledge helps them in improving their operational efficiency by making educated decisions.

  • Promotions and marketing support

Snapdeal runs high decibel marketing campaigns to ensure that your products are highlighted and customers are able to access them.

  • Ads to increase sales

There is a possibility that your business might grow 5 folds along with exceptional returns on your investment through Snapdeal Ads. With the Ads being displayed at multiple forums, your product might have higher visibility.

Pros of becoming a seller at Snapdeal

  • No setting up expenditure

Snapdeal charges zero money for starting your business as a seller. Even the registration is free of cost which is unlike a physical store where you pay rent/money for land, setting up store cost along with decorations.

  • Wider Customer Reach

Sellers gets the advantage of the wide base that Snapdeal has to offer. Through this, sellers get a large geographical area and customers across the country to sell their products. Since the website can be accessed from anywhere, delivery areas have increased with 3000+ cities and towns.

  • Work from anywhere

To maintain profit levels of a firm, the businessman is expected to work long hours all throughout the week. This restricts all the leisure time that the man could get. Through Snapdeals Seller Panel and Seller Zone Mobile App, you cankeep a tab on your online business from anywhere.You can manage your Snapdeal online shop through your laptop, Smartphone from anywhere in the world. Snapdeal allows you to keep track of your business irrespective of anything.

  • Instant money

Snapdeal has an instant money policy which means seller need not wait for the money to be credited in his account.

Number of registrations on Snapdeal

As per the data released in 2014, Snapdeal has around 3,00,000 sellers selling over 3 crore products distributed and categorised under 800+ options. These products are an accumulation of over 1,25,000 brands from different localities, states, and countries. Additionally, Snapdeal covers around 6000 places across the country making it accessible. has a wide base covering around 6000 places across the country.

Snapdeal had taken over Freecharge for $400 million in April 2015. However, they resold the digital payment portal to Axis bank at a price lower by 90%.

Journey of Snapdeal

Snapdeal expected revenues of about $83 million (Rs. 600 crores) in the year 2012-2013. During the fiscal year 2013-14, the expected sale of the products was computed over $280 million (Rs. 2,000 crores) from the Snapdeal platform. This figure was computed according to the past year sales and the increasing popularity of this e-commerce. Snapdeal reached a milestone after achieving the target of 1000 sellers with sales crossing 1 crore in June 2014. Snapdeal led by Jasper Infotech Private Limited registered a growth of 56% in revenues and made a jump for Rs. 933 crores to Rs. 1,457 crores. But by March 2016, the company saw an increase in the loss percentage by 150% from Rs. 1,328 crore. By the end of the financial year 2017, Snapdeal again registered a drop of 40% in revenues and came down to Rs. 903 crores.


How to become a Seller?

Becoming a seller at Snapdeal is easy and can be done quickly. Go through the section below to know everything related to being a seller at Snapdeal.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any Indian can become the seller at Snapdeal by providing relevant documents like PAN GSTIN, Aadhar Card, catalog etc.
  • If an individual is unable to establish a business on his own, then he can get into a partnership with others to establish Private Limited Company. However, to register the company with Snapdeal, you will need to get it registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and get the registration certificate. Once you have got the registration certificate, you can easily register yourself at Snapdeal as a seller.
  • If an individual person wants to register a company and enjoy the benefits of limited liability, then you can get your business registered as a One Person Company (OPC).

Documents required for Registration:

  • GST Registration:

As per the Indian Government declaration, all businesses selling goods on any e-commerce platform needs to be registered under GST irrespective of their turnover. This development has been into effect since 1st April, 2017.

  • PAN Card:

For an individual, only a copy of the PAN card is required for the registration as a seller at Snapdeal. However, a firms PAN card is required for a one-person company, a private limited company, and for a private limited or a limited liability partnership.

A step-by-step guide on becoming a seller at Snapdeal

Once you are ready with the documents mentioned above, you can proceed with the registration process:

  • Make a list of products that you want to sell on Snapdeal and categorize them under appropriate sections like
  • Assemble the catalogues of all the products that you wish to sell. You can hire a professional to create a catalog, displaying the pictures of the products along with product description which is necessary for a good buying experience.
  • Next, go to and fill up the Register Now form and click on Sell Now button.
seller registration snapdeal
  • After the registration process is complete, update your profile and create the catalog.
  • On receiving orders from customers, get the goods ready for delivery. Snapdeals courier partners will pick-up & deliver goods to the designated customers.

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