SBI Net banking- e verify ITR using EVC

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2019)

How to e verify ITR through SBI Net banking?

Follow the step by step procedure to learn how to e-verify through SBI Bank Net Banking : Step 1: Login to your account at the incometaxefiling website. Once logged in, from the tabs click on “My Account” & from the drop-down menu, select option “e-Verify Return”. SBI Bank Step 2: Now you’ll see the list of ITR(s) filed as shown in the screen below. Here click on “e-Verify” button. SBI Bank Step 3: Here, from the options, select Option 2. A box will appear & here select “EVC – Through Net Banking”. EVC modes EVC options Step 4: Once you select the Net Banking option, the steps for e verification using net banking will be shown. Go through them & after that click on the “Continue” button. Banks   You will be redirected to the screen where all the banks approved by the Income Tax Department for e verification of ITR through Net Banking will be shown. From here, click on “State Bank of India”. Lists of banks Step 5: As you select the bank, a Disclaimer screen shall appear & here click on the “Continue” button. You will be taken to the log-in screen of State Bank of India.  e-verification Step 6: At the SBI login page, enter your Username & Password. After this click on the Login button. Net Banking SBI Step 7: On the dashboard, select “e-Tax” and from the drop-down menu click on “Direct Taxes”. Then on the next page, from left-hand side select “Login to e-Filing/ e-Verify”. Select Direct TAX Direct Taxes under SBI Step 8: Here at the login page, click on the “Submit” button. In 5-10 seconds, you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number with the bank. Enter this OTP & click on the “Confirm” button. Savings account Password Step 9:  Now you are redirected and logged into your account at the Income Tax efiling website. Here, under the tab “My Account” select option “e-Verify Return”. Dashboard of IT e-verification Step 10:  On the next screen, click on “e-Verify”. A screen-blocker will appear asking for your confirmation to e verify return, here click on “Continue” button. E verification Continue Step 11:  Congratulations! Your ITR is now successfully e verified & the message will be shown as in the screen below. E-verification Successful  

Some Additional Information :

  • What is EVC?
EVC or an Electronic Verification Code is a 7 digit alpha-numeric text. This code helps to e verify (i.e. online verification) of an Income Tax Return. There are many ways to generate an EVC like via ATM or Bank Account Number or Demat Account Number etc.
  • What is the benefit of EVC?
The most important benefit of an EVC is enabling taxpayers the comfort of e verifying their ITR from home. Otherwise earlier, a physical copy had to be sent to CPC, Bangalore which took a lot of time. There was also a risk of the post getting lost during transit which could lead to unnecessary delays.
  • How an EVC works?
As EVC is a digital code, it contains information in the encrypted form which identifies the user and his/her documents. As this code is sent only on the registered mobile and email ID of taxpayer hence it provides security to sensitive information.
  • Since when ITR is being e verified using EVC?
The service of e verifying Income Tax Return using an EVC is being provided since Financial Year 2015-16. Make sure you e verify ITR within 120 days of filing return otherwise it will become an invalid return.


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