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 In this return filing season, where returns are being filed for AY 2016-17, AY 2017-18 and are about to be filed for AY 2018-19. We bring to you the easiest guide on e-filing ITR in India.Filing income tax return may seem to be a tedious task. But, is not really so. Filing online just involves a series of actions and some prerequisites to ease out the complete process.Pre requisites of ITR FilingThis is not the legal or mandatory step but a suggestive way to make things simpler. Keeping the documentsSEE DETAILS

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Blogs, Income Tax e-Filing, Income Tax Help, Income Tax Learning, Income Tax Saving

Income tax refunds is the most awaited thing after filing your Income Tax Return (ITR).Why not??After All it’s your hard earned money!! You might have lined up lot of important expenditures in anticipation of your dream refunds. But, what if your TDS refund is not coming in your account, when everyone around you is getting one?? It’s really annoying and frustrating!Did you know that income tax department is issuing refunds in almost as low as 7 days!Income Tax Department states many people make silly mistakes leading to delayed income taxSEE DETAILS

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.Secured way to be a millionaire – EPF We all strive so hard to achieve our respective financial goals. How about if I present you a proposal of becoming a millionaire in the most secure, authentic and legal way!! No, we are not talking about share trading. Neither about bitcoins,mutual funds or any other thing which can risk your hard earned money. And how do you feel knowing that you have already walked the half path?? Yes, I am not kidding!! if you have already allowed deductions from your salary towardsSEE DETAILS

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Blogs, Income Tax e-Filing, Income Tax Help, Income Tax Learning, Income Tax Updates

31 March is just 20 days away!! Its time to make calculations for your current year taxes (i.e FY 2017-18: AY 2018-19).WAIT…Have you filed your ITR for FY 2016-17; AY 2017-18??Yes the return after note bandi…If No, it is a matter of caution!!But, you need not panic as you still have the last chance to file your pending ITR for AY 2017-18 (FY 2016-17) till 31 March 2018*.*Previous to amendment bought by Finance Act 2016 normal time limit for filing ITR for AY 2017-18 would have been 31 march 2019SEE DETAILS

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The income tax department yesterday released provisional data of its direct tax collection in India for 2017-18, precisely from April 2017 to Feb 2018. Though the collections have seen an increased by 19.5% when compared with collection of April 2016 to Feb 2017. But, an important event of “ 2016 Indian banknote demonetization ” which took place during the last corresponding year cannot be ignored. Press Information Bureau, GOI, Ministry of Finance released the following dataNet collections for April 2017-Feb 2018 amounted to Rs.7.44 lakh cr. Which is 19.5% higher comparedSEE DETAILS

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