Kudos to Delhi High Court, Now a Female member of a HUF can also become Karta!

In a landmark verdict by the Delhi High Court, Now the eldest female member of a family can be its Karta.

A Karta is the senior most member of the HUF who manages and looks after the family affairs. Earlier only the eldest male member of the family was entitled to be a Karta and women were permitted to be just the co-parcenor of the HUF.

The ruling came after a suit filed by a Delhi based woman who claimed to be the Karta of the family after the demise of her father and his three younger brothers. She challenged the eldest son of one of the younger brothers who declared himself to be the next Karta and finally won the case.

Justice Nazmi Waziri in his ruling stated that If a male member of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), by virtue of his being the first born eldest, can be a Karta, so can a female member. The court finds no restriction in law preventing the eldest female co-parcenor of an HUF, from being its Karta

Judgments like these will definitely help in improving the social status of the women in this country and will further brew up the feminist movement.

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