File your income tax return in just 7 simple steps!

Yes you read that right! The process of e-filing the income tax return usually consumes your whole day. But now we have cut it down to the process of just minutes!
Have you ever wondered why it takes so much time to file our returns online? Well the obvious answer is that “It is very complicated and complex task”. Given the existing process, We can totally understand that e-filing an Income Tax Return through the Income tax departments website is not a childs play.

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In this blog post, we will guide you as to how you can e-file your return in just 7 simple steps using Tax2win.

So lets see how you were doing your e-filing with the government before:

On government website, you need to first register yourself then select the right income tax return form applicable on you. Then download an excel/Java utility of the form. After which you have to fill in the details like income, TDS, deductions, tax payable etc. and validate it.

After all this you have to generate an XML utility and save it to the desktop. The next step is to upload it. Then ITR-V form will be generated. You have to fill the form and sent it to the CPC, Bangalore within 120 days.

So, what can you do? well here’s an alternative specially designed for you. Let us guide you how you can e-file your return with us in just 7 simple and easy steps without form 16. Through us e-filing will take less than 4 minutes.


Heres how:


Go to our website and click on File your returns



Select your source of income and answer some basic questions.
If you have more than one source of income then select multiple sources.

plan tax


Upload your form 16.
Once your form 16 is successfully uploaded, you can choose to edit it or add another one.
Our intuitive system will automatically prepare the computation detail and you can review it. If satisfied with the computation, click to file.

online ITR, Form 16
Its completely okay if you dont have your form 16, you can manually enter your income and deduction details in the subsequent steps .


In the next step you need to select your financial year, enter your pan card number and the basic necessary details like name, address, email, phone number.

tax returns


Next step is to enter your income, investment and expenditure details.

income tax return


you have to enter all your Bank details as it is required by Income Tax department for refund.



Your computation is ready. Just check it and if you find it okay then click on file. If not, then just jump to the previous steps to review.

HURRAY! you have filed your Income tax return.
Have any query? Please let us know in the comment section. Your opinions and queries are valuable to us!

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Happy saving and e-filing!!

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  1. These are some very easy steps you shared here. This article will be a great help for the people regarding income tax return.

  2. Yeah it’s really effective site .
    These steps are crucial which one should keep in mind while filing income tax return.

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