How to download e-aadhaar card online

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2019)

Union Budget 2019 Highlight :-

  • Now, PAN & Aadhar Number can be used interchangeabl
  • What will happen when a person :
    -Doesn’t have PAN: Aadhar can be used to file ITR & quote at all the places where PAN is Required.
    -Have PAN: Aadhar & PAN needs to be linked first and then any of them can be quoted at the time of filing ITR.

There might arise a situation when you have already applied or enrolled for aadhar card but not received any? or , you are required to attach aadhar card for some pupose but do not have at that time. What would you do? Call someone at home or drive back again?? Wait!! We have a better and easy solution for you. E aadhar card can be downaloded online from the UIDAI official wesbite. E aadhar card is equally valid as physical copy of your aadhar card is. To know the process and more about e aadhar card read this blog.


What is e-aadhar card status?

E aadhar card is valid. As per the guidelines of UIDAI, E-aadhaar card is equivalent to physical aadhaar card. As various authorities are not clear in this fact but as per UIDAI there is no difference between e-aadhaar and physical aadhaar. Both are serving the same purpose. E-aadhaar considered as the legal valid proof of identity as per section 4(3) of the Aadhaar Act, 2016.


How e-aadhar card download should be done online?

E-aadhar card download is a easy and quick process. You can download e-aadhaar card from the UIDAI website. It can be useful in many situations like when you have not received your aadhaar card yet. The great thing about e aadhar acrd is that it is same as your physical aadhaar card and acceptable at all places. The three modes through which you can download e aadhar card online are

  • Through aadhar number
  • Enrollment Number
  • VID

For e aadhar card online download follow the steps mentioned below

  • Visit the UIDAI aadhar website.
  • Go to Download aadhaar under My Services on home page
  • An image as shown undre will appear
  • Choose any of the three modes to download your e aadhar card. Either, aadhar number, VID or enrolment number.
  • Then make a selection whether you want to download the regular aadhar card or masked aadhar card (m aadhar card)
  • Futher choose to generate OTP on registered mobile number or alternatively generate TOTP on mobile app.
  • As soon as OTP or TOTP is authenticated aur e aadhar card is downloaded.
  • After the successful download enter the password to open the file.

What would be the password to open the e-aadhar card?

Password to open the e-aadhaar is the combination of 8 alpha numeric characters. The First four letters shall be of your name (as per aadhar or as mentioned in enrollment form) and last four being the year of your Date of Birth.

For example-

Name : RAHUL Kumar

DOB : 24.10.1994

Then, Password for e aadhar card download will be RAHU1994.

Some other examples of passwords are

Name : RIA Sharma

DOB : 24.10.1994

Then, Password for e aadhar card download will be RIAS1994.

Name : R.Kumar

DOB : 24.10.1994

Then, Password for e aadhar card download will be R.KU1994.

Name : RIA

DOB : 24.10.1994

Then, Password for e aadhar card download will be RIA1994.


What supporting software needed to open e-Aadhar card?

After e aadhar ard is successfuly downloaded to open the same your would require a software. The software required to open e aadhar card is  ‘Adobe Reader’. If you have not installed Adobe reader in your system then you can install it from here


E Aadhaar and QR Code

What do you mean by UIDAIs Secure QR

E-aadhaar letter of UIDAI contains a QR code. The existing QR code on e-aadhaar has been replaced with resident’s demographic details with a more secured QR code, that includes demographic details along with the photograph. There are two QR codes- A small one on the front side with demographic data only and a large one on the top of the front side and rear side of the cutaway portion with demographic details and photograph.


What information is contained by new secure QR code in e-aadhaar?

Both QR codes in e-aadhaar contains demographic information such as Name, DOB, Address, Gender, and your Masked Aadhaar Number.If we talk about larger QR code, it contains also your photograph.


How do you read new secure QR code available on e-aadhaar?

You can read new digitally signed QR code available on e-aadhaar only using UIDAI’s window based application and can validate it against UIDAI digital signatures. You can download the application from website. At present, models which are commercially available in the market to read UIDAI QR code are as follows-

  • Zebra (DS-2200)
  • TVS BS-1201N barcode scanner
  • Syga Barcode Scanner (S005) and
  • Honeywell (Xenon-1900)

Who all are eligible to use a secure QR code of e-aadhar card?

In simple words, we can say that this facility can be used for offline verification of the data in e-aadhaar card by anyone whether an aadhaar card holder or user/service agencies i.e. AUA’s, Banks, KUA’s etc.

A new QR code was implemented on 20th February 2018 on e-aadhaar card and the QR code reader client is available from 27th March 2018 on

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