How To Check If My ITR Is Filed With Income Tax Department

Income tax return filing, this one term has so much embedded in it. There are a series of activities which take place after filing ITR. The return shall be submitted, verified and processed. How to be sure that the return you filed has actually reached to the Income Tax Department?

Being income tax filers we all have fear and anxiety to know our ITR status. The return status can be checked online by making a login to

Thereafter you have two routes to check your Income Tax Return status


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File ITR Now

1. Directly through selecting ITR status option on the left most corner of home page. A screen will appear next where you will be required to enter the PAN, Acknowledgement number of ITR filed and a captcha as shown in image.

ITR Login tax2win

ITR Status 2 tax2win

2. By making a login to your efiling account

Login to e-filing

  • After login select my account on dashboard, from the list appearing click on View e-filed returns/forms

  • Select Income tax return and the assessment year for which you are desirous to know the status of ITR

  • Select hyperlink highlighting assessment year


  • A pop up will appear that will show you up the Activity/ Status of ITR


On checking your income tax return status, any of following messages might show up. Lets decode each one in detail to assist you while checking ITR status next time.

  • Return submitted but not verified

Your return has been filed with the income tax department but the same has not yet been verified. A return is complete and valid only when it is verified within 120 days of filing. You can either e verify your return online or sign and send it to CPC Bengaluru. To know how to verify your return visit here

  • Submitted and verified

Your return has been filed with the department and you have successfully verified the same. Now the Tax authorities will process the same.

  • Return submitted and under processing

Processing is a step followed by verification. When you verify ITR either online or by sending a physical copy, the tax department works on analysing i.e. making assessment of ITR filed.
The authorities will check whether you disclosed correct information, is there any refund payable or tax demand, if there is any error in return so filed etc.

  • Return processed and refund paid

It’s time to celebrate as it means the tax authorities has checked your return and issued refund. The refund has been either successfully credited to your bank account or cheque has been issued to you. This marks closure for the process of ITR status as no more follow up is further required.

  • Processed, refund determined and sent to refund banker

After processing your return if, income tax department concludes that refund is payable to you, it shall issue the same. This status means that your refund has been processed, refund amount has been checked and order to credit it in your account has been issued by the department to banking authorities. Your refund is between banking channels and shall reflect in your account in couple of days!!

  • Return processed with No demand and No refund

The ITR you filed for year has been processed by the income tax authorities also calculation for tax has been made. The authorities found that neither the refund was payable to you nor you are liable to pay any taxes. The TDS or advance tax you paid were = the taxes required to be paid for the year.

  • Return processed and tax demand determined

Well this is not a good news..The IT authorities after processing your return saw that you have deposited lower taxes than you were required to do. Or this may be because you have claimed any wrong deduction or exemption or might be because you forgot to include any income or as a result of any clerical error. You will now be required to pay the balance taxes with interest applicable or file rectification of ITR.
  • Processed and refund returned unpaid

This means the refund due to you exceeded Rs. 50,000/- hence, was issued through cheque. The cheque so issues has returned back to the department undelivered. It might be because no one was available at the delivery address to receive the cheque or the address mentioned in ITR was found to be incorrect. In this case you will be required to place a refund reissue request. The request can be placed online.

We as common users often find it difficult to understand whether our ITR has actually been filed with the department or not. Or even if filed at what stage our refund is. The ITR status shown as one eliner is often not suffice to be interpreted. Here we tried to resolve all related queries, even if you are looking forward to any kind of assistance to manage your taxes, file your ITR or things related feel free to Contact us!!


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