Easy Steps to File ITR for FREE with Tax2Win

Do you want to know, how to file ITR for FREE?

It’s unfair that, first we earn money by so much hard work then pay income tax on it. On top of that, give money to CAs for filing our Income Tax Return. No injustice anymore!

Today we will show, how using Tax2Win, you too can become an expert & file ITR for FREE without any help!

So just follow these simple steps to file ITR for FREE within minutes.

Step 1: Visit our website. Here, click on option “File ITR Now”.

Step 2:
“Select your Sources of Income” screen will appear in front of you. Here choose all your sources of income. After that click on “Continue”.

Step 3:
If you have selected “Income from Salary/ Pension” then a screen will appear asking for Form 16. If you have received it, then choose option “Select Form 16” otherwise skip this step.

The screens shown below will appear one-by-one asking for your details like PAN, Address, Bank details, deduction u/s 80 etc. Fill all the details to file ITR for FREE.

Here depending upon the sources of income selected, the screen asking for income documents will be shown. After this, the screenshot as attached below will appear.

Step 4:
At the end, you’ll receive tax computation. Here you have the option to download and save your computation using “Detailed Computation” button. Check all details carefully, click on “File My Return” button & file ITR for FREE.

Congratulations! Your income tax return (ITR) has been successfully filed for FREE. But yeah, do not forget to e verify your tax return. To know how you can e verify tax return easily,
refer our blog.

The last date to file ITR for FREE is 31st July, 2018. And we highly recommend you to comply with the deadline because of Sec 234F.

New Sec 234F imposes penalty on late filing of ITR. The amount of late fee depend upon your total income & the time of filing.


Amount of Late Fee


If total income is up to ₹5 Lac & ITR is filed after 31st July.


Total income is more than ₹5 Lac & return is filed after 31st July but till 31st December.


When total income exceeds ₹5 Lac & ITR is filed after 31st December.


To know about Sec 234F in detail, you can refer to our guide.

See, didn’t we tell you how easy it is to file ITR for FREE. While filing ITR online with Tax2Win, you’ll be provided with live chat support to solve any issue faced while you file ITR for FREE.

At Tax2Win, it is our never-ending effort to simplify & make ITR filing experience easy. For regular updates on such cool e filing tips, follow our blogs & social media pages.

Happy Filing 🙂


Team Tax2Win