How to e-verify ITR using ICICI Bank Net banking

Step 3:Here, from the options, select Option 2. A box will appear & here select “EVC – Through Net Banking”

Step 4:
Once you select the Net Banking option, the steps for e verification using net banking will be shown. Go through them & after that click on “Continue” button.

You will be redirected to the screen where all the banks approved by Income Tax Department for e verification of ITR through Net Banking will be shown. From here, click on “ICICI Bank”.

Step 5:As you select the bank, a Disclaimer screen shall appear & here click on “Continue” button. You will be taken to the log-in screen ICICI Bank.

Step 6:
Enter your User-ID, Password and then click on Login button.

Step 7:
At the Dashboard, click on tab “Payments & Transfers” and from the drop-down list select option “Tax Returns”

Step 8:On the next page, under heading “e-FIle/ e-Verify Your Tax Returns” click on option “E-File Now”. After this, accept the terms & conditions click on “Submit” button.

Step 9:Now you are redirected and logged into your account at the Income Tax efiling website. Here, under tab “My Account” select option “e-Verify Return”.

Step 10:On the next screen, click on “e-Verify”. A screen-blocker will appear asking for your confirmation to e verify return, here click on “Continue” button.

Step 11:Congratulations! Your ITR is now successfully e verified & the message will shown as in screen below.

FAQs on e-verification of your ITR

What will happen if I do not e-verify ITR within the time limit?

If you will not e-verify your ITR within the given period of 120 days of filing, it will be invalidated and will be presumed as if you have never filed your Income Tax Return. 

How to check whether CPC has received my ITR V or Not?

You can check the status of ITR V by visiting the Income Tax India Page and checking the status from there.

Is there anything else that is also required after verification of ITR?

No, e-verification is the last step in the process of completing Income Tax Return. After it, you can check the status of your return by visiting Income tax India Website.

Is it okay that I have verified only my revised return, but not the original return?

There is nothing to fear about if you have not verified your original return because the day when you have successfully filed the revised return it will be treated as your original return and the old return filed by you will stand invalid and can not be used anywhere.


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