Step-By-Step guide to e-verify your Income Tax Return| E-verification after filing your ITR

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

‘A Simple Guide to E-verify your return online’

You have just paid your income tax online and finally taken a breath of relief. Completing income tax return filing process is like winning a battle. But have you verified your return yet? If no, then battle isn’t over because when you don’t verify your ITR then return will not be considered as filed even if you have paid your taxes online. Just follow the steps given below and you can verify your ITR online in no time.

Step 1:
To E-verify, your return, simply Log into your account on Income Tax e-Filing Website. Click here  

Step 2: Click on “My Account” tab. Select “E-Verify Return” option from the drop down menu.


Step 3: 
Upon selecting the above option, you’ll be redirected to “e-Verify Return” screen as shown below:

Step 4:  Now you’ll have 3 options to e-verify your return as shown above.

Option 1: I already have an EVC to E-Verify my return”
Select this option, if you already have an EVC generated with you.
When you select this option, a pop will appear asking for EVC. Enter your EVC there and click on submit to complete the e-verification process.
(Please note that you can also generate your EVC using ATM.
Steps: Go to Bank ATM>Swipe ATM card and enter ATM PIN>you will find the option of “Pin for Income Tax Filing”>Select this option>EVC will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id>Use this EVC)

Option 2: I do not have an EVC and I would like to generate EVC to E-Verify my return”
Select this option, if you want to generate EVC to e-verify your return. When you select this option, then 3 ways will appear through which you can generate EVC. Once, your EVC is generated then follow the same steps as mentioned in Option 1 to finish the e-verification process. 3 ways to generate EVC are:
– Net Banking
– Bank Account Number
– DMAT Account Number

–  Through Net Banking :
You will land on the page as shown below, if you select the “Net Banking” option. Click on “Continue” and select your bank from the list of banks provided.

You will be redirected to the homepage of your Bank’s Net Banking page. Login into your Net Banking Account and you will find Income Tax option there. Select it and log in to e-filing through the same option to complete the process of E-verification of your ITR.

– Through Bank Account Number :
Select option, “Prevalidate your Bank Account” to proceed.

Fill all the required details and click on “Prevalidate” to generate EVC.

– Through Demat Account Number :
Select option “Prevalidate your Demat Account” to proceed.

Fill the required details and click on “prevalidate” to generate EVC.

Option 3: I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to E-Verify my return”
Select this option, if you want to E-Verify your return through your Aadhaar Card. An OTP will be sent to your Aadhar registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete the E-verification process.

Didn’t we told you that verifying return online is “a piece of cake” and if you feel any kind of problem in e-verifying your return, simply connect with our eCAs. Happy Filing! 🙂

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