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Dharni Land Records, Land Records

Dharani is an Integrated Land Records Management System online portal introduced by Government of Telangana State. In the Dharani portal you can view the land status online, it also provides many land revenue and land registration online services.This website has replaced the previously existing Maa Bhoomi website in Telangana state. Government of telangana is using Blockchain technology in building a whole new system to provide different services under one umbrella. Presently you can view agricultural land status online, providing Khata number or Passbook and Survey number on the website. ItSEE DETAILS

Land Records

Banglarbhumi is the online web portal for the West Bengal citizens, it deals with the Land, land reforms, rehabilitation and refugee relief departments which are launched by West Bengal state government. It is the trusted web portal by the citizens and people of West Bengal to retrieve the information about land, the owner of the land and the value of the land in a particular area of the state. Banglarbhumi stores all the land record details of the state. If a potential buyer wants to purchase land or property inSEE DETAILS