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GST (Goods and Services Tax) India, HSN

The service sector is one of the dominant sectors in India. It provides millions of jobs every year dna still going strong. It is accounted to be 92 lakh crores of GVA  at present. The same also attracts FDI, so it is important for the domestic and internationally service providing companies to know about SAC codes as defined under Goods and Services Tax.   What is SAC Code SAC (Services and Accounting Code) codes are based on the Harmonized System of Nomenclature which is an internationally recognized system for classifyingSEE DETAILS


HSN or Harmonised System of Nomenclature is one of the most talked about terms in GST. People filing Goods and Service Tax return have a lot of ambiguity regarding HSN reporting due to number of reasons such as, newly introduced GST laws and provisions, multiple GSTRs to be filed, different disclosure requirements and so on..Let us read below to get answers of all such day to day common queries and ensure seamless GSTR 9 Annual Return filing, now onward!Contents :-What is HSN code in GST?Where details of HSN summary isSEE DETAILS