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Contents :-How supply made by SEZ unit to DTA unit should be reported in the Annual Return by SEZ unit?In case of supply of goods by SEZ, whether disclosure required in Annual Return?How supply made by SEZ unit to DTA unit should be reported in the Annual Return by SEZ unit?Supplies by SEZ unit to DTA unit does not form part of its turnover. Hence , is not required to be reported by Special Economic Zone unit either inPeriodical GSTR 1 orAnnual GSTR 9Whereas, DTA (Domestic tariff Area) unit isSEE DETAILS


RCM & E Way Bill

Contents :- Who needs to disclose transaction relating to Reverse Charge in Annual Return – Supplier or Recipient?Is the reporting in GSTR9 required if, credit has been taken in April 2018 for GST paid in March 2018?Whether demand for e-way bill for Financial Year 2017-18, raised in FY 2018-19 needs to be disclosed in annual return.Does a taxpayer needs to make some disclosure related to E-way Bills in the Annual Return?Who needs to disclose transaction relating to Reverse Charge in Annual Return – Supplier or Recipient?The transaction covered under reverseSEE DETAILS


Supply GSTR 9

Contents :-What shall be the disclosure for Supply without consideration in the Annual Return?There are some incorrect supplies reported by vendors but appearing in Form GSTR-2A. Do we need to  exclude it while filing Annual Return?How mismatch between turnover reported in the Form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR-3B be reported in annual return?What needs to be included in the Annual return in terms of “Non GST Supply”. The details should be same as periodical returns or can be changed?Is reporting relating to High Sea Sales, warehousing sale and merchanting sale needsSEE DETAILS


Credit Note, GSTR 9

Contents :-How to report Financial Credit Note issued by the supplier in the Annual Return?Is there separate disclosure requirement for credit note issued to registered and unregistered persons?Are B2C larges supplies (>2.5 lakhs) and other B2C supplies need to be disclosed separately?An Invoice was issued under Service tax @ 14% in respect of the same Credit note was issued under GST @ 18%. Where to show such credit note in annual return?Whether Year-end discount given to the distributor require reporting in Annual Return?State the disclosure of Credit Note issued andSEE DETAILS

Composition GSTR 9, GSTR 9

Contents :- Whether credit availed at the time of migration from composition scheme to normal scheme has to be separately disclosed in the Annual return?How details of DIPP Area based refund needs to be disclosed in annual return under table 15?How disclosure shall be made when a person opts out of the composition scheme and avails input tax credits on the goods in stock.A composition taxpayer has reported certain supply related to last year in the periodical return of current year. Whether it has to be disclosed in the AnnualSEE DETAILS


A user faces many issues relating to settlement, disclosure etc of Input Tax Credit (ITC) at the time of GSTR 9 Annual Return Filing. We provide you a comprehensive solution of all such queries, you have been witnessing so far..Contents :-Credit appearing in the GSTR-2A exceeds amount availed in the GTR-3B. Is the difference required to be explained in GSTR-9?We missed out availment of input tax credits on few invoices last year. Whether credit of the same has to be taken in the Annual Return?What is the reason for declaring theSEE DETAILS


HSN or Harmonised System of Nomenclature is one of the most talked about terms in GST. People filing Goods and Service Tax return have a lot of ambiguity regarding HSN reporting due to number of reasons such as, newly introduced GST laws and provisions, multiple GSTRs to be filed, different disclosure requirements and so on..Let us read below to get answers of all such day to day common queries and ensure seamless GSTR 9 Annual Return filing, now onward!Contents :-What is HSN code in GST?Where details of HSN summary isSEE DETAILS

GST (Goods and Services Tax) India, GSTR 9, Guides

Contents :-What is GSTR 9 – GST Annual Return Form?Who is required to file GSTR 9? What is the applicability for filing GSTR9?What is the Due date of Filing GSTR 9 annual return?What is the period for which GSTR 9 is to be filed?What if I do not file my GSTR 9 or file it after the due date?What is the Structure of GSTR 9- Annual Return?What is the step by step process to understand and fill GSTR 9 Annual Return Form?FAQ’s on Filing of Annual Return GSTR-9What is GSTRSEE DETAILS