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e-way bill

The government has introduced the concept of E Way Bill under GST, after abolishing the Border Commercial Tax Post to avoid tax evasion in India. In this guide we will explain you each and every aspect, rule and answer all the queries related to e-way bill system under GST in India. This guide shall cover – What is the meaning of E way bill?Under which section e way bill is required?What is the date from which e way bill has been made compulsory?What are the benefits of e way bill?HowSEE DETAILS

e-way bill, GST (Goods and Services Tax) India

With the introduction of GST in indirect tax regime, a special emphasis has been laid on smooth and transparent transportation of consignments. One such measure adopted by the government to implement its vision is e-way Bill. E-way bill is a document which is required to be generated before transportation of goods begin. It is also required to be possessed by the vehicle driver in case of any enquiry during the course of transportation or anytime after. What was the need to introduce consolidated E-way bill? Normally for transporting each consignmentSEE DETAILS