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Did GST replace all taxes in India?
Basics, GST (Goods and Services Tax) India, GST System

Before understanding which taxes have been replaced by the GST in India, let us first understand the taxation system in India. The Indian taxation system is classified into two parts namely  Direct Taxes & Indirect Taxes.Direct tax is collected by Central Government. Whereas Indirect Tax used to be collected by the Central and State government & local bodies. For Instance,  Entry Tax and VAT were charged by State Government but along with this Central Government. Other taxes like Property Tax, Water Tax, Toll Tax etc. were levied by the Local Bodies.For better enforcement, tax payment andSEE DETAILS

Basics, GST (Goods and Services Tax) India

New to GST Law? In this post, we will cover the basics, which will help you develop an understanding of the GST Law in India. This comprehensive guide will cover- Contents :- What is GST? What is the date from which GST came into force in India? What is the purpose of bringing GST in India? Which indirect taxes have been replaced with the implementation of GST? What is the structure or framework of GST in India? What is SGST? What is CGST? What is UTGST? What is IGST? What isSEE DETAILS