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House Property

1. To whom is this guide relevant?Whether looking to buy house or already own a house, this guide shall give you an insight of tax benefits attached with loan repayment and provide different avenues to reduce tax liability on income from house property.2. What does the guide cover?Income from house property:Various Types of House PropertiesHome Loan – Tax shield arising on interest payment and principal repaymentIncome arising on property of joint owners;Deemed let-out house propertyProperty received by Will or InheritanceTax benefits in case of unrealized rent3. What are the variousSEE DETAILS


Tax Implications on Your Salary Income 1. To whom is this guide relevant? If you are earning income from salary and want to know ways to minimize your tax burden, then this guide will help you in reducing the tax liability by understanding all components of your CTC with regard to taxation. Go through the guide and start planning your investments in a way that you get maximum benefit. 2. What are the basic terms related to salary? Cost to Company (CTC) –This is the total cost that an employer incurs forSEE DETAILS