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We know that you pay your taxes carefully and advance tax as and when due. But, in case, you are wondering what happens when you have paid taxes more than you are actually supposed to pay or tax has been deducted (TDS) from your income much more than required, then you are at the right place! Let’s understand how you can get your refund back!In the case of excess payment of taxes, you are entitled to a refund of excess tax paid and even interest on the amount of refund.HowSEE DETAILS

Income Tax Refund

Are you unable to understand why you have still not received your Income Tax Refund even after filing your Income Tax Return on time?Don’t worry…Let’s discuss the common mistakes that you might have been doing.As per the Income Tax Department, a common mistake that majority of the taxpayers do is not send the signed ITR-V to CPC Bengaluru within the stipulated time (i.e. 120 days). But if you have sent it on time then there can be other reasons also, let’s check out some more common causes:S.No.Queries related to:QueryExplanationSolution     1Bank AccountSEE DETAILS


You must have often heard about tax refunds. Don’t you..!! This one word can make you happy during the tax season. Tax refunds are nothing but just the taxes that you have paid to government in excess of what you were required to pay. Refunds are the money that are credited back to the person at the end of financial year.How to get refund?There is no specific procedure or application to get your tax refund. The taxpayer is just required to file the ITR , Income Tax Return for theSEE DETAILS