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Walmart and Flipkart Deal
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It won’t be wrong to say that the founders of a Startup are the most stressed person in their company. They leave all their comforts and do hard work day and night just for one cause – one day their company will reach a great height. They have to take care of everything. From generating business to paying salary, from taking strategic decisions to solving internal matters and the list is literally endless. This fact can be proved by the recent “Walmart-Flipkart Deal”. Although it made Bansal Buddies billionaires overnightSEE DETAILS

Invalid ITR V
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Filed your return before the due date but forgot to verify before the expiry of time limit? Then in such case, your ITR has become an invalid ITR and now you would have to file the ITR again. Surprised? Yes, you heard it right. Now, you need to file your ITR as a belated return. Don’t know why? Let’s get the insight into the matter :What is Verification of ITR?Verification of ITR means to authenticate the ITR. In simple words, the Income-tax department asks you to verify the ITR so that itSEE DETAILS

Track Status
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Contents How to Apply For a New/Duplicate PAN Card? Why it is important to know your PAN card application status? What is the process to Track your PAN Card application status? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On PAN Card Status  Applied for a New or a Duplicate PAN Card? But, it has been a long time since you heard from the department about it? Worried? Relax, you can easily track your PAN Card application status online through various modes. In this post, Tax2win will make you learn the procedure to checkSEE DETAILS

Details for Sec 143(1)
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Done with the filing and e-verification of ITR for F.Y. 17-18? Feeling Relaxed? Well, one more task is waiting for you i.e. processing of the ITR by IT department. Every year department sends you an intimation u/s 143(1) of income tax act which serves as a proof of processing your ITR. It is very important to check all the intimations or notices received by the department calmly and don’t fret. But the real problem is that many of us are not aware of the essence of such notices/ intimations. AndSEE DETAILS

Section 23(1)(c)
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Recently, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar got a favorable ruling from a tribunal over a tax disputed case on one of his vacant property. If you are also the owner of more than one house then you definitely need to read this !! Let’s have an overview of his case and find out how it may help you.Facts of the Case:Mr. Sachin had two properties in Pune, one in Treasure Park and another one in Sapphire Park in F.Y 12-13. Now, in the ITR of F.Y 12-13, only the Rental income fromSEE DETAILS

Step by step procedure
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Do you know how to check ITR V Status? You must be thinking that why we are asking this “out of the blue”question. Well, if your ITR is not yet processed or your refund (if any) hasn’t been credited then this question is relevant for you. 7 out of 10 people still think that just filing Income Tax Return finishes their job. But it is not the case.In this blog, we will let you know the after filing process.Let’s begin.What is verification of ITR ?As per law, after filing income taxSEE DETAILS

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When it comes to filing Income Tax Return, we are always told to file before 31st August (i.e. the deadline). Then we are told, what to do next, if we miss ITR deadline. But have you ever wondered, what are the consequences if I miss ITR deadline?Well to solve your query, we bring a list of outcomes if you miss ITR deadline. So buckle-up your seat-belts coz it’s gonna be a fun ride!Section 234FNew section 234F is literally the most discussed topic among all the taxpayers. And why it shouldn’tSEE DETAILS

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A friend of mine (Fred) recently quit his job & he was confused about filing his income tax return. And someone also suggested him to file a Nil Return due to which he got even more confused. As he knew that I worked as a tax consultant so he approached me for help.Fred: Hey Win, how are you doing? It’s been a long time.Win: Yeah, tell me. The last we met it was almost like 2 months ago. What’s keeping you so busy buddy?Fred: My job, it was so hecticSEE DETAILS

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Constructing/ purchasing a new house is not an easy task. A common man exhausts all his life’s saving & also take a home loan to make this dream a reality. Hence to help the citizens, income tax act provides deduction of interest paid on home loan under Section 24.Section 24 of income tax act says that, if any house is acquired, constructed using borrowed capital. Then interest paid on such borrowed capital is eligible for deduction & the amount of deduction is as follows:CaseMaximum Interest Deduction (₹) Capital is borrowedSEE DETAILS

FY and AY
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When it comes to income tax people are often heard talking about income tax return filing, income tax notices, the refund status, deductions, tax benefits and much more. But one of the basic and most important terms in all income tax communications are Financial Year and Assessment Year. No communication or reference could be correctly made in Indian direct taxes if the assessment year or the financial year to which it pertains, has been referred wrongly. Financial Year and Assessment Year have been ages old terms in Income Tax. Still,SEE DETAILS