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Add i-SIP Through Net Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Post demonetization, the demand to invest in mutual funds increased manifold. Investments in mutual funds were considered a good option since it offered high returns and was a safe investment option. Mutual funds were particularly popular because they allow individual investors to invest in a variety of funds and securities. Another added benefit is that you don’t have to manage your mutual funds on your own since your funds are managed by the professionals. What is SIP and i-SIP? To manage the funds better and to maintain consistent investments, SIPSEE DETAILS

Add i-SIP Through Net Banking, Axis Bank

Investing in mutual funds has become easier with the advent of the i-SIP facility. But why do people prefer investing in mutual funds when so many other investment options are available? Investing in mutual funds is easy, convenient and offers a high return on investments. Your investments in mutual funds are managed by experts and they allow you to invest your money in diverse securities. Investing in mutual funds and paying regular installments can be taxing. To help you manage your investments in mutual funds especially equity mutual funds, SIPSEE DETAILS

Add i-SIP Through Net Banking, HDFC

Investments in mutual funds have been blooming for a few years. More and more people are considering to invest in mutual funds for short-term or long term benefits. The investments in mutual funds are managed by the experts who help you in gaining maximum profits from your investments. SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is the best way to invest in mutual funds as it helps in creating wealth in the long run. It allows investors to make equal and regular payments in various investment applications like mutual funds, trading account/retirementSEE DETAILS

Add i-SIP Through Net Banking, SBI

Nowadays investors do have an option of getting themselves enrolled for Systematic Investment Plans through internet banking using i-SIP or internet basd SIP facility. This facility has made the investment in mutual funds super easy. It is a paperless & secure option and involves no additional costs. Although you should have access to internet banking services which is to be KYC compliant in order to use this service. At last, your bank must be among the one who is approved to offer the i-SIP facility. In this article, you willSEE DETAILS