A Big Relief : Hassle Free Income Tax Login Process

On 22nd September 2017, Income tax department made some changes in their software and came up with a new requirement i.e. you need to fill some extra details while you Login your income tax website account. With respect to this change, you were not able to login into your account until and unless you fill in the required details namely Phone Number details, E-mail details, and Bank details. After you fill in the above-mentioned details, the confirmation process was routed through an OTP on mobile and e-mail both.

It became a cumbersome process. Further, it was causing undue hardship to the common taxpayer as the same mobile number and e-mail could not be used for more than 3 persons.

Now, Today on 26th September 2017, In consideration of the issues faced by the common taxpayers, the income tax department has given an option to Skip i.e. you can fill these details later on. So, now you can easily skip the process and make your tax filing a hassle-free process.

Please refer the below Screenshot for your perusal:

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