6 Amazing Hacks to make use of your old currency notes!

The whole country seems to be completely perplexed after the announcement of PM Modis decision of demonetizing high currency notes. This decision though winning the universal acclaim has created a string of inconvenience and emergency among the public.

But amidst all the crises, here is a list of awesome things that you can do to enjoy during the chaotic time, as after 24th of November (the deadline of 14th November has been extended) old 500, 1000 rupees notes will be a rare sight for buying any utility/service.

1. Travel to your Dream Destination:

Have been saving all your life to travel down to destination of your dreams.?

Right now, is the best time as old 500 & 1000 notes are being accepted for buying train, bus & air tickets.

2. Take a road trip:

Soaring petrol prices kept you postponing your road trip with your buddies? Get on your bike/car now and drive to the farthest destination. Your old currency notes can be exchanged for petrol, diesel or gas at the gas stations operated by the public-sector oil companies. What can be even better, all the national highways tolls are free till today.

3. Make your parents happy:

Always looking for excuses every time your parents asks you to deposit electricity and water bills. Redeem yourself by paying the bills with your old currency notes & make your parents happy!

4. Buy Medicines:

Looking for excuses every time your father asks to go and buy medicines for grand-parents? Run now, all the pharmacies are accepting old notes for buying medicines with doctors prescription.

5. Buy Groceries:

Make your wife happy. Go and buy all your groceries from the consumer cooperative stores and milk booths operating under authorization of Central & State Government.

6. Reconnect with the History:

All the purchase counters of monuments maintained by Archaeological Survey of India are accepting old notes for seeing the monuments.

So, probably it’s the last time youll be spending those hard earned 500, 1000 notes. Well, of course you have the option of depositing them or exchanging them with the banks but why not give those old notes a farewell they deserve?

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