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 Ever wondered as to how the recording is being done for the transactions that takes place in and around countries having a different system, currency, and economic status. In this article, we will discuss such recording. MeaningThe balance of payments or BOP is a statement or summary of all transactions that take place between entities of one country with the rest of the world over a specified period.The transactions specified above consists of import, export of goods or services or both, capital, transfer payments, i.e., remittances made by the resident of a country fromSEE DETAILS

Dearness Allowance (DA) – Meaning, Types, Calculation etc

 Money has become as important as natural resources to survive in this world. Prices of almost everything are touching the sky and it is making survival of a common man extremely difficult. Food is the most basic commodity for survival and the prices of the same fluctuate the most. It directly affects the economy and lifestyle of the common man. Since inflation occurs due to market forces, the government tries to stabilise the prices by introducing several tools. Amongst the tools introduced by the government, Dearness allowance is one ofSEE DETAILS