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GST (Goods and Services Tax) India, Latest News

    The introduction of the biggest indirect taxation reform in India namely Goods and ServicesTax (GST) has impacted the functioning of all the sectors of the economy. The impact of the radical shift can also be tracked in the segment of Finance and Accounting as well. Prior to the introduction of GST in India Separate accounting entries for each indirect tax law like service tax, excise, VAT etc was required to be made separately. Now only entries under the goods and services tax are required to be taken onSEE DETAILS


  Every person who is involved in the field of accounting or even uses the accounting information knows the importance of bank reconciliation statement and the purpose it serves for the user of such information. So let’s understand the meaning and why this tool of accounting is important. Meaning Bank reconciliation statement is a statement which reflects the differences between the balance of bank as per the passbook and the same as per the cashbook. It shows the transactions for which the amount is not reflected either in Passbook orSEE DETAILS