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Income Tax Saving

 Life insurance is a very important component of your financial portfolio. It gives unparalleled protection in case of premature death. The sum assured promised under the plan takes care of financial responsibility in case of premature demise of the insured. Moreover, different types of life insurance plans fulfil different financial needs. If fulfilment of financial needs and insurance protection is not enough, life insurance also provides you tax benefits. In fact, when it comes to tax benefits, life insurance plans provide benefit both on the investment and also on theSEE DETAILS


Debt fundsDebt, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means a sum of money that is owed or due. Debt instruments are those financial tools through which an entity can raise funds for its use. Companies borrow money from investors by issuing various types of debt instruments. Against each instrument, a fixed rate of interest is promised. For the company issuing the debt instrument the interest rate is the cost incurred in raising funds and for the investor buying the debt instruments, the rate is a return which is available on theSEE DETAILS