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Whenever we open a bank account, you are provided with an IFSC code. And whenever we have to provide our bank details to someone, it is important that IFSC code is provided as well. But have you ever wondered what IFSC code is all about? And why is it so important in all bank details and transactions? If you are wondering about the same, then delay not. Our blog on IFSC code will answer all your questions. What is an IFSC code? IFSC code is an abbreviation for Indian FinancialSEE DETAILS

GST (Goods and Services Tax) India

GST has been implemented by subsuming different taxes with one of the objectives of avoiding the cascading effect of taxes. I.e., the effect of the tax on tax. To overcome this effect, GST consists of a concept called an Input Tax Credit. Input Tax Credit means reducing the tax liability on outputs by the amount of taxes paid on inputs. It is a procedure to avoid charging of tax on the tax already paid on inputs. Say, a business purchased the raw material for manufacturing its final product for RsSEE DETAILS