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Before the advent of Goods and Service tax (GST), we, consumers paid various kinds of taxes under different categories like direct taxes and indirect taxes. For better understanding and proper accounting, all the taxes were merged under one umbrella, known as GST. These taxes are levied upon good and services at every stage of the supply chain. The GST is classified into various types like CGST (Central Goods and Service tax which is levied by the centre), SGST (State Goods and Service tax which is charged by the state), andSEE DETAILS


Starting your own business can be a task these days especially in the retail business. It is often the case that you don’t get the price you deserve. Sometimes the sales are not much for you to earn profits. Apart from this, you have to pay the setup cost, employee cost, store designing cost. Even before you begin, you feel burdened due to huge expenses. To get out of this whirlpool, selling on e-commerce portal is the best thing. The experience of selling on e-commerce varies from portal to portal.SEE DETAILS

Income Tax Saving

Contents :- What is Section 80GG as per Income Tax Act? How to claim deduction under Section 80GG? What will be the quantum of deduction under section 80GG? Examples on section 80GG. Who can claim Deductions under this section? What is the information required for claiming deduction under section 80GG? FAQ’s House rents can become a real burden mainly in the metropolitan cities where getting a house on rent is difficult. Since the demand for the rented house is so high, the rent also getting skyrocketed with every passing day.SEE DETAILS

PAN, PAN Card Verification

‘Know your PAN’ was a service initiated by the Income Tax Department to retrieve information related to PAN. This service came in handy for situations like losing PAN card, or when you need your PAN number urgently but the information is unavailable. Or cases when you would want to cross-check the address registered against your PAN. For all these situations, ‘Know your PAN’ acted as a savior, for you could retrieve all the information by entering your Date of birth, Full name, and Registered mobile number. However, this facility wasSEE DETAILS