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Income Tax Saving

Selling your property or selling your shares, what is the thing which bothers the most?? Surely, the impact of the capital gain tax!! Capital Gain tax in India is levied upon the profits you earn on selling upon of a capital asset. This taxation area has always lacked clarity in the minds of common users. We often come across questions form our family and friends like, Is capital gain tax applicable on all?? How capital gain is calculated? Where it is disclosed at the time of e-filing the Income TaxSEE DETAILS


ICICI Bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India, offering a wide range of saving and current accounts for the individuals as well as for corporates to meet the banking needs and support them with financial aid when required. Variety of saving bank account schemes held with ICICI bank made it most favorable by the customers, who enjoy the privilege of best banking service in the county. Finding it Difficult to File ITR Yourself? Hire our Smartest eCA’s to File Your Income Tax Return and Get MaximumSEE DETAILS