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Recently, 21 Feb 2019 an ordinance has been passed by the government of India. The said ordinance has been named as “ the banning of the unregulated deposit scheme ordinance 2019”. The same has been introduced to prohibit illicit deposit schemes or Ponzi schemes etc. So as to save the interest of the depositors. Since the moment this ordinance has come out everyone has started talking that the government has banned taking up all sorts of loans or advances in India which have not been taken from BanksFinancial Institutions orRelativesSEE DETAILS

Income Tax Saving

Earning a 7-figure annual salary is a dream for many. A high salary promises an improved lifestyle, fulfilment of financial goals and, overall, a comfortable life. However, there is another aspect which a high salary brings in its wake – a high tax liability. You know that your tax liability increases as your income increases and so when you earn a high salary, you fall in the 30% tax slab and end up paying a high tax. Though there are tax-saving investments which help in bringing down your tax liability,SEE DETAILS