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Promise…as the name suggests has so much faith and trust embedded in it. Promise is not just a love promise or a friendship promise it’s far beyond the curtain…a promise of dedication to work, a promise to do something for society, a promise to live up to expectations of elders, a promise to abide by laws and so on. Basically promise is a commitment, a commitment which derives from the soul and is so firm.What is the purest commitment??This valentine’s day we head to find out what is the purestSEE DETAILS

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First of all a very happy propose day to all committed would be committed or presently proposing to be committed friends!! Well surely, relations are built over time and cannot be restricted by a single day or a particular time, its a thing which you carry for ever after…!!What we look for in a person as companion is surety and security. True that, no one can just wave a magic wand in relations and get peace for all fighting thoughts in race of mind and heart. Sometimes even days areSEE DETAILS

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The Union Budget 2018, presented on 1st February 2018 gave a plethora of benefits to the Senior Citizens!The philosophy behind these benefits is evident from the statement of our FM, “ A life with dignity is a right of every individual in general, more so for the senior citizens. To care of those who cared for us is one of the highest honors. To further the objective of providing a dignified life, I propose to announce the following incentives for senior citizens.”Tax2win takes this opportunity to compile the significant incentivesSEE DETAILS

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Prevention is better than cure – we all have heard of it but do we really follow the same?We generally witness people facing difficulty in deciding what to do next and how to manage the charge of different things after facing a loss of person in family. Although discussing things with your family in advance like finances, property etc saves a lot of foreseen troubles, but majority of us still ignore the importance of it…in the world so uncertain!!Understated are some guidance on this issue.The major element of concern beingSEE DETAILS

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08 November, 2011 the eve of demonetization in India marked its place in everyone’s life.Ever since the time of demonetization, reforms in financial policies have been talk of the country. The event has triggered human minds to be active in every monetary transaction they have made thereafter. But, for those who are mistaken that gone are the days of vigilance or for those who are afraid of making every transaction, here is the list of activities which are under surveillance of government through automatic reporting from concerned departments involved :-CashSEE DETAILS

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